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Sicilian cuisine recipes

The Sicilian recipes is famous in the world because they use many typical aromatic herb, the olive oil and the mineral salt. The brad is many important in the Sicilian gastronomy, too.
Sicily is the Italian region is washed only by the sea and for this reason, it is rich of fish, that is loved by the living: they eat every kind of fish, of every season with a preference for tuna, anchovies, octopus and mullets.

Sicilian Caponata

The favourite meat is the pork, then bovine, ovine, poultry and game. In the Sicilian recipes use the interiors, because costs little: there are some speciality like The liver in the net, Stuffed heart and Pork jelly.  
The vegetables have replaced the alimony, for their taste and for necessity: for example The Caponata and The Maccu (soup of bean).
The dessert was a special brad, different from daily brad. Many of the Sicilian dessert have traditional and geometrical shape: Cubbaita, Musstazzola in the shape of rhombus; the Sweer Ravioli and the 'mpanatigghi in the shape of half moon; the bucciddati in the shape of circular crown; cannola e gravizzate cylindrical shaped; Cassata and other dessert in the shape of a disc.  

Sicilian Cassata


If the Sicilian donít seat, they donít drink: the tavern in the city are very little while in the country they are inexistent. The soft-drink are very little and they are used by affluent classes. The traditional liquors are the domestic Rosolio and the Zammý o Zambý.
The Sicilian people drink many strong, dark and aromatic coffee.