"Sfinci" of Rice

  Prep. Time: 45 minutes    Difficulty: Medium

Makes 8 servings

Ingredients: -500 gr. of rice -20 grams of yeast -the chopped peel of a lemon -50 grams of icing sugar -10 grams of cinnamon -10 grams of flour -water -oil of best-quality.

Directions: Boil the rice and simmer until will be a lot cooked. Drain and cool. Place into the sieve, in this way obtain a dough.  Add the yeast, lukewarm water and the chopped peel of lemon. Work adding flour, until thick. Pour all over a marble slab, greased with oil, spread with a spatula and make many small rectangles. When the dough has leavened, fry in hot oil until browned. Place in a sheet of blotting paper to eliminate the superfluous oil. Dredge of icing sugar and cinnamon.

Enjoy your meal!